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so I got a job at Target and I get an employee discount and I was like I should do something for my followers bc I just hit one of my goals and i will ship worldwide


-1 blue unopened copy of the Target Exclusive 5sos Album (featuring the American Exclusive song, Mrs. All American and featuring the Target Exclusive songs; Tomorrow Never Dies, Independence Day, Close As Strangers and Out Of My Limit) the album also comes with Target Exclusive trading cards and a lyric booklet.

-a handwritten letter from me ((bc im cool like that))

-you get to be my friend well any of you can be my friends just hmu


  1. must be following me (ill be checking)
  2. must reblog (((you can reblog multiple times for your best shot at winning)))likes do not count but you can like as a bookmark
  3. you MUST have your ask open 

WINNER WILL BE CHOSEN AROUND SEPTEMBER 30TH *it was august 17 but I had to change it bc shit happened and I might be able to push it up but idk* ((ik thats late like super after the album comes out but this is as soon as I could get done))


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so i decided to make a giveaway 


  • fall out boy vest
  • fall out boy t shirt
  • my chemical romance crew neck sweatshirt
  • twenty one pilots stay alive bracelet
  • twenty one pilots red t shirt
  • twenty one pilots red crew neck sweatshirt 
  • panic! at the disco white t shirt 
  • panic! at the disco black t shirt


  • must be following me (bycottlove) i will check
  • only reblogs count (you can like it but it wont count)
  • no giveaway blogs (i will check)
  • optional: if you want an extra entry you can follow my instagram
  • you can reblog as many times as you want but please do not spam your followers
  • i will ship worldwide 
  • the items can be any size that you want
  • this ends on october 1st
  • if the winner doesnt want any of these items i will choose another person and give that person those items
  • i will choose the winner randomly using a website 
  • i guess that’s it

good luck!

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  • MUST be following me and Ashlyn (we will be checking)
  • Reblog this post, you can reblog as many times as want but likes will only count for bookmarking


  • A black 5SOS shirt with white logo (Unisex small & woman’s small)
  • 5 Seconds of Summer - Target Deluxe CD
  • Rolling Stones 5SOS Poster Book
  • Black 5SOS t-shirt (Your choice of boy)
  • 5SOS phone case (Your choice of boy)
  • A custom drawing


  • Talk to us, we want to give things away too people who are friendly :)
  • Make a post and tag it #sakhgiveaway about why you want to win
  • Follow Shelbie on twitter and instagram
  • Follow Ashlyn on twitter and instagram
  • Make us things, use the tag :-) 


  • We will pay for shipping
  • Open to anybody around the world
  • Contest ends September 12th
  • We will probably message the winner the day after :)

Good luck, and happy reblogging! x

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"michael admits to us that he’s not shy when it comes to PDA! (he confesses he likes "clingy" girls)" ((gets in car and speeds so fast to michael clifford i break the soundwave barrier))

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shes clearly smoking some stronger shit if her fucking dog is talking to her

Calum5SOS: Been on tour for a while, wonder how the kids are doin back home

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if you tickle me it’s either going to lead to kissing or an extreme act of violence


all time low - the irony of chocking on a lifesaver

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Gliette Stadium - August 8th

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@luke_is_a_penguin: I'm so lonely :-(

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Anonymous wondered,
how are you taking this whole nudes thing so chill like how

because its nothing to do with me and I’m completely ignoring the whole situation
at the end of the day it’s Calum’s choice on what he does with his life and he’s in a world famous band so he probably knew the risk of them being leaked
people need to stop bringing attention to it, yes a bunch of hormonal teenage girls have just seen one of their favourite band members penis but people need to stop bringing attention to it
Calum had no say in whether it got leaked or not since he was sending it to someone he supposedly trusted.
I don’t know the backstory on why he sent it, whether it was for a hook up or they were generally just sharing nudes or a possible girlfriend (if that’s the case I hope he dumped her sorry ass), I have no idea who he shared it with and frankly I don’t wanna know.
At the end of the day I’m moving on from this whole situation and ignoring the rest of this unless it starts to get more serious I’ll probably throw another rant in but for now it’s none of our business because someone has just betrayed Calum and posted something he didn’t want people to see.

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